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TH1951 5 1/2-digit true-RMS digital multimeter


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■ 12 different measurement functions: DCV/ACV, DCI/ACI, Ω2W/Ω4W, frequency/period, diode test, continuity, dB/dBm, etc.
■ High-brightness vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)
■ True-rms AC voltage and current measurement, with high frequency of 100kHz
■ Maximum reading of 120,000 digits
■ DCV measurement accuracy up to 0.01%, resolution 1µV
■ Maximum measurement rate: 45times/second
■ Equal accuracy frequency measurement more than 1MHz, minimum resolution of 10μHz
■ Zeroing (RFL) mode to eliminate residual reading
■ 2W and 4W resistance measurement modes selectable
■ Built-in mathematics calculation functions: mX+b, %, dB, dBm
■ 512 readings storage and MAX/MIN/AVER/STD statistics
■ HI/IN/LO comparator function
■ GPIB and RS-232 interfaces for convenient system communication
■ Calibration performed without opening the cover
■ 10 sets of measurement states saved and recalled up

Brief Introduction
■The TH1951 is a high speed、high accuracy , 120,000 counts meter that meets the measurement needs of voltage、current and resistor. Its outstanding performances, such as high Reading Rate (Max. 40 Readings/ Second), and DC Voltage measurement accuracy up to 0.01%, provides an ideal cost-effective option for customer.The concise design of front panel of TH1951 makes it easier to locate and select the measurement function. High brightness vacuum fluorescent display allows the user to view clearly. Its 12 different measurement capabilities, including DCV/ACV、DCI/ACI、Ω2W/Ω4W、Frequency/period、Diode Test /Continuity、dB/dBm, cover all basic measurement needs.Many new technologies have been adopted in TH1951, such as high speed low noise 26 bits A/D converter which gives the good linear and low noise performances. Fast response servo amplifier, floating power source and low offset buffer amplifier constitute front end of servo so as to remove the traditional attenuation、reduce offset drifting as well as to increase measurement rate. The SMD in the meter reduces the system density and volume.TH1951 adopts special input over load protect circuit which can stand 1500V voltage between input and ground. When over loaded, it can reset fast so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment.Standard GPIB and RS-232 Interfaces with universal communication software are used in the meter for easy communication, data analysis and statistics as well as construction of automatic measurement system. The system accepts SCPI (standard commands for programmable instrument), it is compatible in communication software.


DISPLAY 5 1/2 Digit
TYPE Bench Top
FUNCTION Multimeter
BRAND Tonghui
WEIGHT (Packed) 3.9 kg


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