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ATTEN PPS3003S programmable power supplies 30V /3A


SKU: 2015-cs-19
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$299 $229(ex.GST)
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  • The most economical programmable regulated power supply.
    • Being able to replace of mature and simulation power supply in the marker completely.
    • Better than normal power supply on precision and stability.
    • Offering lot of complex texting condition through computer controlling.
    • In order to satisfying quickly swift under different environ ment, we can store output ratings.
    • Equipped with multiple protections which only the advanced power supply owns.
    • High-resolution, 10mV, 1mA.
    • High-stability, low-drift.
    • OVP, OCP and OTP to protect power supply.
    • Optional : RS-232 / USB.
  • Technical Specification:

    Model PPS3003S PPS3005S
    Load Rating Voltage 0.01%+3mV ( I ≤ 3A) 0.02%+5mV ( I > 3A)
    Current 0.01%+3mA ( I ≤ 3A) 0.02%+5mA ( I > 3A)
    Power Rating Voltage 0.01%+ 3mV
    Current 0.01%+ 3mA
    Resolution Voltage 10mV
    Current 1mA(2mA when rate current >3A)
    Set Accuracy(25±5°C) Voltage ≤ 0.1%+20mV
    Current ≤ 0.5%+5mA(+10mA when rate voltage >3A )
    Ripple(20Hz~20MHz) Voltage ripple ≤ 1mVrms(≤2mVrms>3A)
    Current ≤ 3mArms( ≤ 6mA when rate current > 3.0A)
    Temperature Coefficient(0~40°C) Voltage 300PPm+10mV
    Current 300PPm+10mA
    Output Resolution Voltage 10mV
    Current 1mA(2mA when rate current >3A)
    Read-back Temperature Coefficient Voltage ≤ 300ppm+10mV
    Current ≤ 300ppm+10mA
    Drift Voltage ≤ 300ppm+10mV

    Current ≤ 300ppm+10mA
    Interface RS 232 ( not inluded ), USB interface(optional)


    POWER ( Max.Input) 90 W
    MODE MANUAL, Linear
    VOLTAGE 30 V
    OUTPUT Signal
    TYPE Bench Top
    FUNCTION Power supply (DC)
    BRAND Atten
    WEIGHT (Packed) 4.5 kg


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    • +61-3-88029296
    • E-mail:
    • mount waverley, vic 3149
    • +61-3-88029296

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