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TPR3010S Linear Regulated DC Power Supply 0-30V / 10A


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  • +  ACV Input: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz.
  • +  Rated Output Voltage: 0-30V adjustable(max range: 30.5V--31.5V)
  • +  Rated Output Current: 0-10A adjustable(max range: 10.1A--10.5A)
  • +  Rated Output Power: 300W.
  • +  Ripple and Noise(5Hz-1MHz): CV≤1mVr.m.s, CC≤10mAr.m.s
  • +  Power Stability: CV≤0.01%+3mV, CC≤0.1%+6mA.
  • +  Load Stability: CV≤0.01%+10mV, CC≤0.1%+5mA.
  • +  Protection Methods: Current Limited Lower Voltage, Short Circuit Protection, Over-Temperature Protection, Over-Voltage Protection
  • +  Cooling Method: Wind Cooling
  • +  Voltage display accuracy 0.1V ± 2 digit
  • +  Current display accuracy 0.01A ± 2digit
  • +  Working Environment: 0-40 ℃, Relative Humidity <80%. span="">
  • +  Dimension: 38cm*26cm*16cm.
Regulated Power Supply Description:
TPR3010S is a sigle big-Power constant-voltage and constant-current DC power supply.High brightness LED display. Multiple protection methods, safety guarranteed. Concise and nice appearance design. Suitable for electronic producing lines, as well as product researching and developing, in labs, for teaching, and best choice for communication industry.
Technical Parameters:TPR3020S
1.Constant pressure/Constant current characteristics
The working characteristics of these series of power supply called constant pressure/constant current  automatically converts type .It can change with the load change in the constant pressure and constant current state continuous change.The intersection between the constant pressure and constant current called cue.
For example, If the load made the power work in constant pressure way, It can ouput stable voltage. With the increasing of load ,the output voltage will keep stable until reach the preset current limiting value. The ouput current will keep stable when reach the current limiting value. Output voltage with further increased load decreased in proportion The conversion for constant pressure and constant current is indicated by the LED in front panel. The similar automatic conversion from constant pressure to constant current is decreased along with the decease of the load. When constant pressure ,the CV indicator lights, when constant current, the CC indicator lights.
2.Operating method
Making the power switch in the “OFF” position
Make sure that the output power voltage is correct
Connect the power supply
Making the swich power in the “ON” position
Adjust the “voltage” and “current” knob to the needed voltage and current.
Connect the outer load to “+”,”-“ output terminals
The output terminals “+” or “-“tweeters must connect with GND tweeters when using in the higher requirements place , It can reduce output ripple voltage
If insurance pipe burn broken,and voltage stabilizer and steady flow indicator light is extinguished, The power will stop working ,please do not open the tupperware except  happens some problem. To find and modify insurance tube burn broken cause Then use the same value insurance tube replaced .
4.Power installation, use and maintenance guidelines
The ATTEN power supply produced by our company has used the contemporary world advanced technology achievements. After thorough thermal design and structure optimization and become a unique multiterminal function device . Because of this function device category, series and norms breed difficult to count , Its function characteristics and physical properties is different., So in the maintenance of the installation and use have many special precautions ,So, we make the following state:


POWER ( Max.Input) 300 W
TYPE Bench Top
FUNCTION Power supply (DC)
WEIGHT (Packed) 9.5 kg


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  • +61-3-88029296
  • E-mail:
  • mount waverley, vic 3149
  • +61-3-88029296

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