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Rigol MSO5074 70MHz, 8Gs/S, 4-Channels


SKU: 50-0602
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MSO5000 series digital oscilloscopes are a high-performance oscilloscope range designed based on RIGOL UltraVision II technology. With a 9-inch capacitive multi-touch screen, the MSO5000 series integrates 7 independent instruments into one, delivering super sample bandwidth ratio, extremely high memory depth, and other excellent specifications.

Product FeatureCustomer Benefit
8 GSa/s Max Sample Rate Visualize fine resolution and signal detail
Useful Long Memory Search deep memory traces or record segments with flexible memory
7 instruments in 1 Combine an Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Logic Analyzer, Protocol Analyzer, Waveform Generator, Voltmeter, and Counter/Totalizer in one instrument to quickly find answers to your measurement challenges.
500,000 wfms/s Waveform Capture rate Minimize scope “dead time” between trigger events and increase observations of random and sporadic events.
Complete Upgradability Upgrade to get all the capabilities you need with no limitations
Advanced Analysis Capabilities Analysis tools including precision measurements, histograms, power analysis, and multiple math and decode functions enable in-depth debug
Flexible user interface including touch Interact with the instrument in the way that works best for you

7 instruments in 1

Touch Screen 

Ultra  wide sample bandwidth (8 GSa/s Max Sample Rate)
Web remote control



DISPLAY 9.1" Touch Screen
TYPE Bench Top
FUNCTION Digital storage, Mixed signal, Touch screen, Spectrum analyzer, RF signal generator, Logic analyzer, Multimeter
WEIGHT (Packed) 7.5 kg



SKU Model Description Price
50_9200 MSO5000_BND MSO5000-COMP, MSO5000-EMBD, MSO5000- AUTO, MSO5000-FLEX, MSO5000-AUDIO, MSO5000-AERO, MSO5000-AWG, and MSO5000- PWR $.1,048.50
50-9201 MSO5000-PWR MSO5000 Series Built-in power analysis Ripple and Power Quality measurements $ 433.00
50-9202 MSO5000-AERO 5000 Series MIL-STD-1553 serial bus trigger and analysis (MIL-STD-1553) $ 433.00
50-9203 MSO5000-AUDIO 5000 Series Audio serial bus trigger and analysis (I2S) $ 433.00
50-9204 MSO5000-FLEX 5000 Series FlexRay serial bus trigger and analysis (FlexRay) $ 433.00
50-9205 MSO5000-AUTO 5000 Series Auto serial bus trigger and analysis (CAN, LIN) $ 433.00
50-9206 MSO5000-EMBD 5000 Series Embedded serial bus trigger and analysis (I2C, SPI) $ 433.00
50-9207 MSO5000-COMP 5000 Series PC serial bus trigger and analysis (RS232/UART) $ 433.00
50-9208 MSO5000-2RL 5000 Series extend maximum memory depth up to 200 Mpts $ 579.00
50-9210 MSO5000-BW0T3 5000 Series Bandwidth upgrades from 70 MHz to 350 MHz $ 4,648.50
50-9211 MSO5000-BW0T2 5000 Series Bandwidth upgrades from 70 MHz to 200 MHz $ 2,698.50
50-9212 MSO5000-BW0T1 5000 Series Bandwidth upgrades from 70 MHz to 100 MHz $ 825.00
50-9213 MSO5000-4CH 5000 Channel from 2CHs to 4CHs $ 579.00
50-9214 PLA2216 LOGIC ANALYSER FUNCTION & 16 CH PROBE $ 579.00

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