RF Fiber Solutions

September 2, 2017

Racomtech provided indoor (IDU)and outdoor units (ODU) with a cost effective solution for the transmission of RF and Data signals over fiber in extreme conditions. The IDU's is installed in the equipment house, the ODU’s can be pole or wall mounted by the antenna, which eliminates the need for environment-controlled shelters.

The indoor and outdoor units can accommodate any combination of Ortel or Foxcom fiber optic RF links, they are deployed in a variety of military and maritime applications, optimizing antenna location in any environment regardless of distance. The standard commercial IDU & ODU products are chosen as part of the military’s COTS policy and have earned the respect of military.

Racomtech had successfully supplied RF fiber IDU's and ODU's to Australia company - Step Electronics Pty Ltd for over last 3 years.

Fig. 1 Indoor Unit

Fig. 2 Outdoor Unit