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Rapid Fit Plug N type Plug for RFS LCF12-50 or Andrew LDF4-50 HELIAX 1/2" Cable 50 ohm


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Rapid Fit Plug N type Connector for RFS LCF12-50 1/2" or LDF4-50 HELIAX Cable 50 ohm

1/2" N-type Connectors for RFS LCF12-50 CELLFLEX or LDF4-50 HELIAX cables can be easily attached in the field or installed by our expert technicians. They are designed to provide resistance from pull-off and twist-off as well as excellent electrical contact. Standard connectors have brass bodies. Center pins are captivated, requiring no soldering, unless otherwise noted.
Detailed Product Description:
Electrical characteristics:
1) Nominal impedance: 50 ohms
2) Frequency range: 0-3GHz
3) Withstand Vol.: 4000V
4) VSWR: max. 1.1
5) Contact resistance:
....a) Inner conductor: max. 1.0M ohms
....b) Outer conductor; max. 0.25M ohms
rn6) Isolation: min. 5,000M ohms

Material and finish:
1) Body: brass  Tri-metal alloy plated
2) Sub-assembly: brass Tri_metal alloy plated
3) Outer conductor: brass Tri_metal alloy plated plated
4) Inner conductor: beryllium copper
5) Dielectric: PTFE
6) Durability: min. 500 cycles
1) Antennas
2) Base station
3) Broad cast
4) cable assembley
5) cellular
6) components
7) Instrumentation
8) Microwave Radio
9) Mil-Aero
10) PCS
11) Radar
12) Radios
13) Satcom
14) Surge Protection
15) WLAN.

1) These characteristics are typical values.
2) OEM and ODM are available
 Cable Data Sheet rn
Manufacture and Supplier: MGR Ltd


Termination Type Coax cable
Connection Type Rapid fit
Cable Type 1/2" Flexible
Connector 1 Series N
Conn_1 Polarity Standard
Conn_1 Style Male Straight
WEIGHT (Packed) 0.1 kg


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